Angelique Willis

Angelique  Willis
  • Ph.D. Student
  • Dual Major
  • Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences
  • College of Social Science


Angelique B. Willis has developed her academic and professional journey at the intersection of public health, environmental health, epidemiology, and geography. She holds a BS in Public Health, an M.P.H. in Environmental Health, and an M.S. in Geosciences in Geography from Georgia State University. Willis’s research interests are deeply rooted in environmental exposures, particularly related to drinking and well water quality and their impact on community health, emphasizing environmental justice, urban and regional planning, and chronic disease epidemiology. As a National Science Foundation (NSF) Community-Soil-Air-Water (CSAW) Research Fellow at Georgia State University, Willis investigated the interconnectedness of soil, air, water quality, and public health, emphasizing environmental justice through collaboration with community organizations. Willis has been recognized with several honors, including the prestigious University Distinguished Fellowship from Michigan State University, the Georgia State University Geosciences Outstanding M.S. Geography Student Award, and the Georgia State University School of Public Health Student of the Year M.P.H. Achievement Award. Beyond academia, Willis has contributed significantly as a geospatial researcher and epidemiologist assistant, as well as in various teaching and professional roles, all aimed at advancing public health and environmental well-being. She is now pursuing a dual Ph.D. in Geography, Environmental Science, and Policy at Michigan State University to research water quality and environmental health further, ultimately improving community health, informing just policy, and advocating for environmental justice.