Tasha Siame

Tasha  Siame
  • Ph.D. Student
  • Dual Major
  • Forestry
  • College of Agriculture and Natural Resources


Tasha Siame is an emerging scientist in environmental science and policy. With a Master of Science in Ecological Public Health and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health from the University of Zambia, Tasha's journey reflects his passion for safeguarding public well-being and preserving our planet.

His interest in environmental justice was sparked by personal experiences in Zambia, witnessing firsthand the intersection of health disparities and environmental degradation. This led him to explore research, tackling issues like lead contamination in drinking groundwater and biodiversity loss due to urban development.

Now, Tasha is excited to become a Spartan and start a new chapter at Michigan State University. Motivated by MSU's commitment to environmental justice and the opportunity to complete a Dual PhD in Forestry and Environmental Science and Policy, Tasha seeks to expand his interdisciplinary expertise.

Under the guidance of Dr. Samantha Gailey, Tasha will engage in interdisciplinary research focused on understanding the health and equity impacts of urban green spaces, including the new Flint State Park. This project will inform environmental programs aimed at mitigating health disparities in Michigan and beyond. The overarching goal of Tasha’s work is to shape environmental policy for positive change.