Johnny Musumbu

Johnny  Musumbu
  • Ph.D. Student
  • Dual Major
  • Community Sustainability
  • College of Agriculture and Natural Resources


I am a PhD student enrolled in Community Sustainability department. I am an agricultural engineer by profession besides having a master’s degree in Sustainable Development from both Uppsala University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Sweden. While completing my master’s studies in Uppsala, I spent one year internship and took some classes at the Stockholm Resilience Center/ University of Stockholm, where I immersed myself into a scientific understanding of complex, dynamic interactions of people and nature in the biosphere, which requires engaging in collaborations with change agents. Soon after completing my master’s degree in Sustainable Development, I worked for the Swedish International Center of Education for Sustainable Development (SWEDESD) where the focus of my work was centered on co-creation and implementation of knowledge and innovations to navigate sustainability challenges both in educational curriculum building and community development initiatives. Since joining MSU, I was involved in the Flint Food System project where I assisted with data analysis. Currently, I am co-leading a student group affiliated to a US-Africa Sustainable Food Systems through Water-Energy-Food Nexus Networking (SustainFood). My research interests revolve around transformative agency in Linked Social-Ecological Systems that undergo abrupt and disorganizing change. Essentially, my research is interested in how transformative agency uses innovation and transforming approaches to management and governance to impulse social-ecological systems towards more just and sustainable development paths.