Emily Milton

Emily   Milton
  • Ph.D. Student
  • Dual Major
  • College of Social Science
  • Anthropology


Emily is a Ph.D. student in Anthropology researching Andean archaeology and paleoclimatology. She is interested in human management of alpine environments and high-altitude adaptation. Presently, Emily is researching prehistoric seasonality of land tenure in Central Peru and how it relates to human residence in the Andes since the Last Ice Age. Her methods include coupling stable isotopes, microscopy, and GIS to analyze patterns of change in modern and archaeological samples. Emily received a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and International Studies from Iowa State University in 2015, as well as a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems. After her BS she worked as a staff archaeologist in Golden, Colorado, before returning to school to pursue a Master of Arts in Anthropology. Her work contributes to an interdisciplinary collaboration, directed by her advisor, Dr. Kurt Rademaker, investigating the settlement systems involved in the initial peopling of the Americas.