Yousef Khajavigodellou

Yousef  Khajavigodellou
  • Ph.D. Student
  • Dual Major
  • Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences
  • College of Social Science


I am Yousef Khajavigodellou, a geographer and environmental engineer joint to Michigan State University's Geography Department in the Fall of 2021 and subsequently to the Environmental Science and Policy Program (ESPP) as a dual major in the Fall of 2023. My research endeavors are deeply rooted in the critical exploration of the water-food-energy nexus, particularly within the environmentally sensitive watershed of Lake Urmia in the west of Iran and the geopolitically complex transboundary river basins across the Middle East and North Africa. My research going to employ a comprehensive multidisciplinary methodology; that weaves together socio-economic factors, environmental dynamics, and geopolitical considerations to confront and solve the pressing issues of water bankruptcy that threaten these vital regions. Studies involve constructing and analyzing scenarios that balance ecological integrity with the demands of local communities for water, energy, and food security. The intricate interplay between these elements forms the foundation of my research, driving me to develop strategies that not only mitigate the risks associated with resource scarcity but also enhance cooperation and stability within and between nations.