Emily Silver Huff

Emily Silver Huff
  • Associate Professor
  • Forestry




I am a social scientist in the Department of Forestry at Michigan State University. I am interested in the effect of humans on natural resources availability and quality.

My research uses self-reported and observational data on human behavior, specifically on attitudes, values, preferences and intentions that may (or may not) lead to behavior. I also collected experimental data on a variety of natural resource management topics and use predictive and exploratory modeling techniques such as agent-based modeling to understand how behavior and human interaction leads to natural resource management outcomes. My stakeholders and subjects range from private landowners to natural resource managers and occasionally the general public.


  • Forested systems, both rural and urban
  • Human dimensions of wildlife topics and collaborate with scholars from ecology, psychology, sociology, engineering and policy
  • Better management, stewardship and conservation of trees and other green spaces
  • Improving human health and wellbeing while keeping the environment healthy and functional.