Zachary Huang

Zachary  Huang
  • Associate Professor
  • Entomology



Prof. Huang’s main responsibilities include research and extension. He is known for developing the social inhibition model (at UIUC) which explains how nurse to forager transition is regulated, the mitezapper which is a non-chemical control method for the infamous Varroa destructor, his (started in 1997 but developed mainly at MSU) for extension, and award winning photographs. He was awarded the J.I. Hambleton Award for Outstanding Research by the Eastern Apicultural Society of North American Inc. August 2008.  One honey bee scientist in North America is awarded each year and previous awardees include Prof. Gene Robinson, Member of the National of Sciences and Swanlund Chair at UIUC, Prof. Robert Page, former Provost at Arizona State University, and Prof. Thomas Seeley, Chair of Neurobiology and Behavior at Cornell University.


  • How stress affect honey bees, including parasites, pathogens, insecticides, temperature and transportation
  • Reproductive biology of varroa mites