Brockton Feltman

Brockton  Feltman
  • Ph.D. Student
  • Dual Major
  • Community Sustainability
  • College of Agriculture and Natural Resources


My name is Brockton Feltman. I am a Ph.D. student dual majoring in Community Sustainability and Environmental Science & Public Policy. The intersection of politics with environmental governance and natural resource management seems to me particularly crucial for sustainability. I'm especially interested in navigating the complexities involved with promoting local sovereignty over resource decision-making while integrating localities into state, national and international institutions. Awareness of human systems as embedded in natural process – or rather, of human systems as natural processes – is both a global and community-level phenomenon. On the one hand, climate change, biodiversity loss, and other higher-order problems seem to require cooperation at a global level and demand innovation in national and international environmental governance. On the other, the context-specific challenges local communities face seems to require 'ground up' solutions rather than, or at least complementary to, technobureaucratic prescriptions. How is this to be accomplished? I hope my work contributes to answering this question, and in doing so, fosters ecological integrity, socioeconomic prosperity and human well-being.