Diane Ebert-May

Diane  Ebert-May
  • University Distinguished Professor
  • Graduate Director
  • Plant Biology


Website: https://ebertmaylab.natsci.msu.edu/


As a plant ecologist, I conduct long-term ecological research (LTER) on alpine tundra plant communities on Niwot Ridge, Colorado. My interest in the complex interactions occurring in alpine plant communities in response to global change combined with my commitment to undergraduate biology education, lead to the expansion of my research program to include questions about the teaching and learning of biology. The research our group pursues requires linking the concepts and processes of biology to theories and processes of cognitive science with emphasis on how students construct understanding of the discipline. We use the methods of discipline-based science research that allow for investigating course and curriculum development, assessment, and pedagogy.


Scientific teaching, evidence-based instructional methods, pathways to scientific teaching, biological research models, date, creating and using models