Doug Bessette

Doug  Bessette
  • Assistant Professor
  • Community Sustainability




Doug Bessette is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Sustainability, where he researches and teaches courses in sustainable energy, energy transitions and community energy development.  He uses both an interdisciplinary coupled human-environment system and applied decision research approach to tackle multi-scale problems that often require identifying and analyzing complicated tradeoffs.  In his applied work, Doug develops and deploys structured decision-making frameworks that incorporate value-focused thinking and help stakeholders to identify objectives, generate alternatives, predict consequences and make explicit tradeoffs between values and strategies.  His past research has spanned multiple contexts including organic and sustainable agriculture, coastal climate risk management, natural resource management in developing territories and green infrastructure.


  • Sustainable energy, energy transitions and community energy development
  • Organic and sustainable agriculture
  • Coastal climate risk management
  • Natural resources management in developing territories
  • Green infrastructure