Mark Axelrod

Mark  Axelrod
  • Associate Professor
  • James Madison College
  • Fisheries and Wildlife




Mark Axelrod is an Associate Professor in James Madison College and the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. He has a PhD in Political Science from Duke University, and a law degree from Stanford University. Mark's teaching and research interests center around the negotiation and implementation of international law, with a particular focus on international environmental agreements. His dissertation addressed negotiation practices of rising and declining global powers, drawing on interview research and a random sample of multilateral treaties. Other research interests involve the influence of democratic institutions on environmental protection and treaty enforcement. In Spring 2009, Mark is teaching International Environmental Law and Policy (MC/FW450) and International Political Economy (MC221). He also teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on democracy and the environment.


  • Negotiation and implementation of international law
  • International environmental agreement
  • Rising and declining global powers
  • Influence of democratic institutions on environmental protection and treaty enforcement