Susan Selke

Susan  Selke
  • Director
  • Center for Packing innovation and Sustainability



Broad research interests within the general area of packaging and the environment. Research activities include plastics recycling, biodegradable plastics, plastic/natural fiber composites, and lifecycle assessment. Specific examples include understanding the role of uncertainty in lifecycle analysis, use of microcellular foaming to improve the performance of HDPE/PP blends and composites of those blends with wood fibers; modeling the migration of contaminants in recycled plastic through a functional barrier of virgin plastic and into a food or beverage product; performance of bio-based and petrochemical-based biodegradable plastics; microcellular foaming of a biodegradable polyester; and incorporation of zeolites into a biodegradable plastic to provide active packaging functionality.



  • Plastics recycling
  • Biodegradable plastics
  • Plastic/natural fiber composites
  • Lifecycle assessment