Gabriel Sanchez

Gabriel  Sanchez
  • Research Associate
  • Anthropology





Dr. Sanchez is an indigenous and environmental anthropologist. His research interests include historical ecological approaches to understanding small-scale societies, community-based research, and applied zooarchaeology. His collaborative and community-based participatory research seeks to understand human-environmental relationships, which span the last ~7,000 years to provide historical baseline data for contemporary resource stewardshi p. Currently, Dr. Sanchez is collaborating with the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and California State Parks to investigate the native range of California's endangered salmon species, which are vulnerable to extinction or extirpation. Applying innovative molecular methods, such as collagen peptide mass fingerprinting to archaeological salmon remains, the research will define which salmon were native to coastal streams to help resource managers prioritize stream protection and restoration, water allocation, and inform land-use practices.


Indigenous Anthropology Environmental Anthropology Applied Science Ancient Fisheries Research Zooarchaeology