Raechel Portelli

Raechel  Portelli
  • Assistant Professor
  • Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences




Raechel Portelli received her Ph.D. in Geography from Pennsylvania State University (2014), and a M.S. Geography degree from the University of Idaho (2010). She has two bachelor’s degrees, a B.S. in Physical Geography, University of Idaho (2009) and a B.S. in Environmental Science (2009). She joined the Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Science in 2014.


Dr. Portelli’s research addresses the cognitive processes that guide human interpretation of remote sensing data. She utilizes cognitive science methods, archival research, and Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis in her work. Her big picture questions include:

  • What cognitive differences exist between expert image analysts and non-experts?
  • How do differences in image, environment, user, and task characteristics affect remote sensing data use?
  • How do we translate cognitive models into remote sensing analysis workflows?