Andrew Huff

Andrew  Huff
  • Assistant Professor
  • Hospital Epidemiologist
  • Large Animal Clinical Services
  • Veterinary Medical Center



Dr. Andrew Huff is a multidisciplinary scientist and conducts research in high performance computing, risk analysis, bioterrorism, spatial analysis, modeling and simulation, epidemiology, emerging infectious disease ecology, and environmental health as it relates to agricultural and biological food production systems, biosurveillance systems, and public health. Dr. Huff was a member of the U.S. Army where he served two combat tours as an infantryman and has been an active participant in government committees and private sector organizations that work to establish safe and effective policies for food production systems, the environment, and public health systems. Science based policy is imperative to effectively and efficiently combat the difficult challenges our society faces. Challenges like climate change, human overpopulation, and environmental degradation are particularly complex and worrisome, and the Environmental Science and Policy Program at MSU provides the opportunity for students and faculty from different disciplines to work together to create impactful science based policy recommendations.


  • Health monitoring technology
  • Veterinary public health
  • Veterinary nosocomial emerging infection diseases