Adesoji O. Adelaja

Adesoji O.  Adelaja
  • Hannah Distinguished Professor
  • Agriculture, Food and Resource Economics
  • 446 W. Circle Dr
  • Room 205 Morrill Hall
  • East Lansing MI 48824
  • 517-353-5458




Dr. Soji Adelaja is the John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor in Land Policy and Director of MSU's Land Policy Program. He is professor in the MSU Departments of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics; and Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies; and the School of Planning Design and Construction.

Dr. Adelaja is an eclectic scholar and team-builder whose research and outreach programs span a variety of areas, including the areas of land use, land policy, renewable energy (including wind power, metropolitan growth strategies, place science, prosperity science, New Economy growth modeling, political economy modeling and regional prosperity strategies in the New Economy. He is best known for his work in land use policy, agricultural and food policy at the urban fringe, asset-based economic development and emerging issues in the New Economy. His international work is focused largely on asset-based economic development strategies and economic placemaking for prosperity. A committed land grant scholar, his work has impacted on public policy in a variety of areas and he advises many leaders at the local, state, national and international levels.


  • Economics of Land Security and global land resource control
  • Energy Policy and Economic Development
  • Economics of Place and Placemaking Strategies
  • Land Use Policy
  • Emerging issues in Agricultural and Food policy
  • Intergovernmental cooperation and public-private partnerships