ESPP Councils

ESPP's Faculty Advisory Council helps steer the program's direction.

Members are:

Soren Anderson
Affiliation: (CSS) Economics

Janice Beecher
Affiliation: (CSS) Political Science

Doug Bessett
Affiliation: (CANR) Community Sustainability

Jennifer Carrera
Affiliation: (CSS) Sociology; Environmental Science and Policy Program

Stephen P. Gasteyer
Affiliation: (CSS) Sociology

Emily Huff
(CANR) Forestry

Wei Liao
Affiliation: (CANR) Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

Bruno Takahashi
Affiliation: (ComArtSci) Journalism

ESPP's graduate council shapes the program's doctoral dual major.

Members are:

Sampriti Sarkar, Student Representative 
Affiliation: (CANR) Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics; Environmental Science and Policy Program

Jennifer Carrera
Affiliation: (CSS) Sociology; Environmental Science and Policy Program

Linlang He
(CSS) Environmental Science and Policy Program

Jianguo "Jack" Liu
(CANR) Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability, Fisheries and Wildlife

Yadu Pokhrel
Affiliation: (EGR) Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Student Leadership Council is a student-led organization that primarily oversees student activities at ESPP such as the annual ESPP Fall Student Research Symposium, the ESPP Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series, and other student gatherings and cohort building activities. The Student Leadership Council also serves as an additional channel for gathering student feedback on all aspects of ESPP, including research, teaching, outreach, student funding, networking, etc.

Current members of the ESPP Student Leadership Council include:

Brockton Feltman
Home Department: Department of Community Sustainability

Tiffany Williams
Home Department: Sociology Department

Jing Zhou
Home Department: School of Planning, Design and Construction