Sustainable Water Collaborative Inaugural Webinar: A Campus and Community Working Together

Thu, December 10, 2020 9:00 AM - Thu, December 10, 2020 11:00 AM at Virtual

SWC Webinar

Water infrastructure at the urban, suburban, and rural interface offers challenges and opportunities to protect human health and the environment and to provide sustainable resources. The Sustainable Water Collaborative brings together MSU faculty, extension educators/specialists, institutes/centers, facility professionals, and community members to enhance educational programs and research at this intersection and uses the MSU’s campus as a living, learning laboratory.

The webinar will describe this new collaborative and the procedures to become a member. All University personnel are invited to collaborate to provide meaningful educational opportunities for our studies and help solve campus water-related challenges.


9:00-9:10  Introduction to Sustainable Water Collaborative (Steve Safferman | Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering)

9:10-9:15  Introduction to Environmental Science and Policy Program (Jiaguo Qi, Erin Dreelin, and Sean Lawrie | Environmental Science and Policy Program)

9:15- 9:20  Introduction to the SWC Database (Diane Huhn, Environmental Science and Policy Program)

9:20-9:40  Case Study #1 | Larry Stephens, Stephens Consulting Services, P.C. | Benefits of Point-of-Use Water Treatment and Re-Use

9:40-10:00  Case Study #2 | Dr. Susan Masten, Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering | Flint Water Crisis: Study of a Technical and Management Crisis

10:00-10:20  Case Study #3 | Dr. Stephen Gasteyer, Department of Sociology/AgBio Research | Water Infrastructure Justice: Exploring the Race, Class and Structural Inequality in US Water and Sanitation Access

10:20-10:45  Lightning Round Presentations 

  1. Jan Beecher | Institute of Public Utilities
  2. Yun Cao | Campus Planning, Landscape Architecture
  3. Tyler Augst | Sustainable Built Environment Initiative out of School of Planning, Design, and Construction, and our connections to communities that might have individual projects
  4. Ruth Kline Robach and Stephen Troost | MSU Storm Water Planning 
  5. Amy Butler | Sustainability Office