Funding Agency: NSF / Thematic Area: Water

NSF 17-543 Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (AOAS) seeks to increase the understanding of the physics, chemistry, dynamics, and energetics of the oceans, atmosphere, and cryosphere at high southern latitudes. Emphasis areas include but are not limited to: Atmospheric dynamics, transport, and chemistry; Physical and chemical oceanography; Biogeochemical cycles and controls on marine productivity; Sea ice and ice shelf/ocean interactions; Energy budgets and climate dynamics. The AOAS Program supports observational fieldwork in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean utilizing a range of land-based, shipboard, airborne, and autonomous platforms. The Program supports instrumentation development, data synthesis, and modeling.
Jan. 29, 2018

Thwaites: The Future of Thwaites Glacier and its Contribution to Sea-level Rise
The program will have a direct and significant impact on understanding the stability of marine ice sheets and specifically the West Antarctic Ice Sheet in the vicinity of Thwaites Glacier, and will contribute to the ice-sheet modeling community capability to simulate ice sheets and to reduce the uncertainties in sea-level projections. In addition, the program will contribute to improving risk assessments that coastal communities need for decisions about adaptation and long-range planning.

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