Wu Yang

Wu Yang earned his bachelor’s degree from Zhejiang University, the top-ranked university for environmental sciences in China. His research experience there ranged from ecological economics and urban ecology to environmental modeling and conservation biology. He has been primary author of two papers, one of which was accepted by “Ecological Economics.”

At MSU, Wu plans to earn his master’s and Ph.D. in fisheries and wildlife. He has joined a study of human interaction with giant pandas in Sichuan province, China, led by Jack Liu, a distinguished professor in that department. Wu’s plans to go to Sichuan province in May 2008 were interrupted by the massive earthquake that devastated the province, but he expects to go next summer.

“I think I have very close research interests with him,” he said of Liu.

Wu is interested in interactions between human and natural systems, which he said have become unavoidable. “Today, I think, there are no pure natural systems,” he said.

He said he hopes to integrate ecology, socioeconomics, management and environmental modeling in the study of those interactions.

Yet, no matter what specific project he’s working on, Wu’s overall purpose is clear.

“The final goal is sustainability,” he said.