Faculty members that have identified "genetics" as a keyword in their area of expertise.

Hashsham, Syed A.Edwin Willits Associate ProfessorCivil and Environmental EngineeringYesYesYes
Lenski, Richard John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor of Microbial EcologyMicrobiology and Molecular Genetics, Zoology, and Crop and Soil SciencesYesYesYes
Prather, Alan Associate ProfessorPlant BiologyYesYesYes
Scribner, Kim T.Associate ProfessorFisheries and WildlifeYesYesYes
Tiedje, James M.University Distinguished ProfessorPlant, Soil and Microbial Sciences; Microbiology and Molecular GeneticsYesYesYes
* Available to be interviewed by the media.
** Available to talk to state and local governmental officials.
*** Available to talk to primary and secondary teachers.

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