About the ESPP Research Symposium

This symposium is a student organized event which brings together students from a range of disciplines across MSU campus to present their research in a public forum and explore interdisciplinary collaboration between graduate students, faculty, and community stakeholders. One of the unique attributes of this conference is that it is organized with direct participation of students: of the eight members of the symposium planning committee, three are graduate students representing different MSU Colleges, together with a postdoctoral researcher.

The Symposium series has been designed with the following three objectives in mind:

  1. To promote environmental research at MSU and Great Lakes region with the special emphasis on supporting students and recognizing student success.
  2. To create an interdisciplinary forum for students and faculty from various MSU Colleges to network and showcase their research in the area of environment.
  3. To ascertain and promote MSU’s role as a regional and national leader in environmental science and policy across MSU’s research, education, and outreach missions.