ESPP courses are open to all MSU graduate students, not only those enrolled in the dual major.


ESPP allows students to waive either ESP 801 or 802 if they have a background in that area. However, because ESPP students are required to take at least two courses, those students receiving two waivers will not be approved for a project-based capstone experience and will instead be required to enroll in a capstone course. Details

ESP 802: Human Systems and the Environment
Spring | Th 9:10 a.m. - noon | 273 Giltner Hall
Dr. Emilio Moran (, course coordinator), Drs. Jennifer Carrera, Joseph Herriges, Amber Pearson and Lucero Radonic


ESP802 “Human Systems and the Environment” has been redesigned to provide students who have disciplinary training in natural sciences with a broad overview of environmental policy from the perspective of the social sciences. ESP802 will include four modules: Sociology, Economics, Anthropology, and Geography that will be taught by four MSU instructors (see below). An environmental case study will be adapted as a crosscutting theme for the course and a common point of reference for learning in ESP801 and ESP802. As a counterpart course to ESP802, ESP801 will also be structured in a modular fashion but will focus on natural science aspects of environmental problems. ESP801 and ESP802 will build a foundation for an integrative experience in the capstone ESP804 course where students, having taken ESP801 or ESP 802, work on team-based projects that span the social/natural science spectrum. The new curriculum design reflects ESPP’s objective of providing an interdisciplinary preparation to a cohort of students from diverse background pursuing an interest in environmental science and policy.

Course Chart

ESPP Course Chart 2018-2019
  Principles of ESP Natural Science and Policy Social Science and Policy Capstone
Fall 2018  

ESP 801: Physical, Chemical, and Biological Processes of the Environment

  FW 868: Water Policy and Management
Spring 2018 ESP 800: Introduction to Environmental Science and Policy  

ESP 802: Human Systems and the Environment

ESP 804: Environmental Applications and Analysis
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Get to know Environmental Science and Policy Program doctoral student Sara Tanis and ESP 802 professors Robert Walker and Michael Kaplowitz. Video produced by ESPP newswriter Liz Pacheco.

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