We offer compilations of MSU cross-campus graduate courses related to the environment.

ESP and selected courses for Fall 2017

Course Credits Instructor
ESP 801: Physical, Chemical, Biological Processes of the Environment 3 Vlad Tarabara, Anthony Kendall, Daniel Kramer, H. Li, Wei Liao
ESP 803: Human and Ecological Health Assessment and Management 3 Karen Chou
ESP 850: Introduction to Environmental and Social Systems Modeling 3 Arika Ligmann-Zielinska
ESP/FW/CSUS 890: Modeling Natural Resources Systems 3 Laura Schmitt Olabisi


Courses Compilations

The "Spring 2015" compilation contains the coming semester's courses, including experimental courses (e.g., 891s). Download Spring 2017 Environmental Graduate Courses [pdf].

We also have compiled a list of courses for Fall 2018. Download Fall 2018 Environmental Graduate Courses [pdf].

The "Regularly Offered" compilation lists all courses, Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, that are routinely provided; it does not include experimental courses. Download Regularly Offered Environmental Graduate Courses at MSU. [pdf]

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